123654MRK Received Newbie Bonus!

4 Months ago at Mercedez Town, CarMaker City, AutoMobile State, FanNation Country
123654MRK has been rewarded with C 5,000,000 cash and 10kg of food just for a warm welcome.

New players are advised to get a job in any business that does not require certificate while studying a course in a school. With a certificate and lots of experience, new players can get a better paying job and start making money. Anyone can have multiple jobs at anytime but could be sacked if inefficient in them!

New players are safe from attacks and cannot attack anyone until after some days. Within this period, think of internal development of gathering experience, reputation, building friendship in your new town. If a new player can make a lot of money in that short period, player can join property or even business owners. To start attacking, a new player should go to the park to purchase attack and defence weapons.

Go to school to upgrade profile level to increase the capability of making more money

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